A composer says that Ariana Grande copied key parts of a song he composed two years earlier.

A composer says that Ariana Grande plagiarized him, since he composed a song very similar to ‘7 Rings’, two years before Grande launched his success.

Josh Stone states in a new lawsuit, obtained by TMZ.com, that he wrote a song called “You Need It, I Got It” in January 2017… 2 years BEFORE Ariana recorded “7 Rings”.

Stone points out in his lawsuit that the hook chorus of Ariana’s song is: “I want it, I have it, I want it, I have it.” His song says: “You need it, I have it. You want it, I have it. ”

It also says that the 2 songs have an identical metric location of the paired phrases.

Stone says he met with executives and producers in the music industry, including Universal Music Group … the same company that published “7 Rings.” Stone says he had a meeting in 2017 with Tommy Brown, who worked with Ariana on each of his 5 studio albums. Stone says Brown was interested in the song and said he liked it very much.

Stone wants earnings of “7 Rings” and an order from a judge that prohibits “7 Rings” from being reissued.

A source connected with Ariana tells TMZ that ‘7 Rings’ also has the same refrain as ‘The Sound of Music’, so Stone’s claims are ridiculous … however, it seems that Stone refers to a different part of the song.