Chris told how he once came to his daughter to work.

As it turned out, Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow allow their eldest daughter to earn their own pocket money. On Wednesday, Martin was a guest on the Ellen DeGeneres show, where he told how he once embarrassed her when he came to her store.

Apple works in a clothing store. This is her first job, she is only 16, and I am proud of her. She begins to make her way into life,

– said the leader of the group Coldplay. Martin was not far from the store where his daughter works, and decided to stop by and surprise her. But faced with an unexpected reaction.

I just went to see. But nevertheless decided to buy something. He took a T-shirt and went to the cashier. There are two of them, Apple was on one of them. When she saw me, she said: “Damn, dad, go away!” I felt terrible and moved to another cash desk,

– told Chris.

He admitted that such a reaction from his daughter scared him. But later, the star dad decided to rectify the situation and went for sweets.

I paid for a T-shirt and went for toffee, Apple loves them. He came and asked one lady to give them to my daughter. When I left, I heard: “Dad, I love you!”

– shared the musician.

Obviously, young Apple does not want to attract attention, appearing along with her famous parents. She previously asked her mother, Gwyneth Paltrow, not to post her photos on her page. When Gwyneth shared a selfie with her daughter taken on the ski slope, Apple wrote in the comments:

Mom, we discussed this. You cannot publish anything without my consent.

Moreover, in the photo, Apple’s face is almost completely covered by a helmet and glasses.