A first step towards a future where the flying cars will be democratized? Why not !

The greatest scientists and / or dreamers have been thinking about it for a long time, Flyer did it: market a flying car. And this feat, aficionados of new technologies owe it to a man, Larry Page, co-founder of Google and now President of the company Kitty Hawk who sells this impressive high-tech object! The man has even unveiled the characteristics of the craft – via communiqué – which wants to be accessible, even to those not having the pilot’s license. Note that the volunteer Flyer car is fully electric!

A flying car as easy to maneuver as “to play a video game”



This is the beautiful promise made by Flyer, flying car of the co-founder of Google: that of being able to fly his own gear and this, very easily. Larry Page spoke at length in a press release about the possibilities offered by the object.

Flyer is the first personal vehicle manufactured by Kitty Hawk. It’s a step to make aerial flight a part of our daily life. It is a hobby device […] as easy to pound as it is to play a video game.

But how does Flyer work? A joystick is in place of the traditional steering wheel while the flying car can go up to 3 meters high – above the water for example – and reach a speed of 32km / h. Not high enough to impress but the minimum to not put the pilot in danger! Autonomy is 12 to 20 minutes. Flyer should rather be seen as a first step towards flying cars rather than a true performance model. To fly over the water, the craft is equipped with floats.

A first test phase with volunteers has been opened while pre-orders are also available – but without price. Just go to the Kitty Hawk website to benefit.