One more step towards connected cars controlled by artificial intelligences.

The future of the VTC seems gradually turned towards the autonomous cars, in spite of the denunciation of a dehumanization of the trade. The giants are gradually developing AIs capable of driving alone despite numerous reported fatalities – Uber and Telsa, to name the main ones. Google-based Waymo will soon be launching its independent taxis in the US this year and would like to attack Europe. Suffice to say that the giant does not hide his ambitions to see users ride in cars driven by artificial intelligences. It was John Krafcik, Waymo boss, who spoke about a deployment on the New Continent!

Waymo wants to deploy its taxis in Europe

John Krafcik, Waymo’s big boss – owned by Google, explained at the Automotive News Europe Congress in Turin that he wants his autonomous taxis to spread to Europe after a launch planned for this year in France. Great ambitions for an AI-controlled VTC market that tends to open over time.

We have the opportunity at Waymo to experiment in Europe different products and sometimes different strategies. It is possible that we adopt on the continent an approach different from that in the USA.

The framework therefore seems rather optimistic about the scope of the European market, still inclined to adopt new technologies. Note that the name Waymo could finally not be deployed for its autonomous taxis on the Old Continent if an agreement is found with a partner: ” The partner can safely go forward that Waymo brand will not be as strong as some other existing already in Europe “.

On the US side, Waymo has already partnered with Jaguar Land Rover or Fiat Chrysler for the deployment of its autonomous taxis.