Lady Gaga: The trailer for “A Star Is Born” is out and Katy Perry is a fan!

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Check out the trailer for Lady Gaga’s movie, “A Star Is Born”. The twittosphere, including Katy Perry, is not recovering! Look.

Lady Gaga will star in “A Star Is Born” , the remake of the 1954 film, and the first production of actor Bradley Cooper. She will play Ally, a budding country singer, who is being spotted by another American music star whose career is in decline. The latter takes Ally under his wing and turns it into a real icon.

The trailer for the film went online yesterday, which seems to have completely returned the fans of Lady Gaga, the “Little Monsters”, as she nicknamed them affectionately. And among these fans, we find Katy Perry: ” I CRIEOSBEJRMF $ & 2 @! K “, she wrote on Twitter, after viewing the trailer.


Lady Gaga: always supported by her fans

Lady Gaga can definitely count on her fans who are among the most united in the world of song! Their tweets in response to the trailer show dedication, admiration, and humor, unparalleled. ” You can put me in silence and unsubscribe, this is an ultra-fan account of Lady Gaga until she wins an Oscar, ” for example, wrote a user of the social network.

” I watched the trailer of” A Star Is Born “a hundred times, I really gave my soul to Lady Gaga, ” said another fan. “A Star Is Born”, which also features Bradley Cooper , will be released on October 3rd! 
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