As a self-declared makeup aficionado, Thalía loves wearing bright color lipsticks and sporting heavy eye makeup on tour, while promoting new music and on the red carpet. The Hollywood star often takes to her social media accounts to share her looks, which she did on February 7 when she posted a dramatic smokey eye with a deep red lip and accentuated eyebrows.

 Despite garnering over 180k likes from her 8.6 million followers, fans had a strong reaction to the photo claiming it was too much. The Desde Esa Noche singer at first stayed silent about the topic but then had her own response on February 10 when she shared a very opposite image on her Instagram. 

Thalía showed off a dramatic look on Instagram that had fans reacting Photo: Instagram/@thalia

The 46-year-old star took to her social media account and posted a follow-up makeup-free selfie. Along with the image that shows a flawless complexion and radiant skin, she wrote: “Take care of yourself, and smile from within! ⭐ Cuídate, ámate, acéptate como eres, apóyate y sonríe desde adentro 💖 y verás como cambia el mundo a tu alrededor. #notetoself #love #embrace #beyourself.”


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This isn’t the first time the singer has posted a more natural photo. In fact, a makeup-free selfie she posted in 2017 was her most-liked picture of the year.


In order to achieve her youthful appearance, Thalía has said that focusing on her happiness is one of her secrets. She also has a strict skin care regimen as told to POPSUGAR last year. The first thing she does at night is cleanse, a step she never forgets. Then she moisturizes and depending on what her skin feels like she’ll switch up the products she uses. Since she has sensitive skin and has flare-ups of rosacea, she’ll use soothing creams until her skin is back to normal. Once it has calmed down, she uses heavier creams that contain peptides, antioxidants, and vitamins.