After all the information that emerged last week that claimed that Miguel Angel Muñoz and Monica Cruz had given a new opportunity, Monica has wanted to put an end to all these rumors denying this alleged reconciliation in an exclusive Interview for Hola!


Last week rumors of a possible reconciliation by Monica Cruz and Miguel Ángel Muñoz were triggered . A reconciliation that made us especially excited, and we thought that after 14 years we were going to be witnesses of that love story that emerged in the famous series ‘One step forward’ !

But none of that, the sister of Penélope Cruz has decided to put an end to all this talk by granting exclusive statements for the magazine Hola! , an interview where he denies his reconciliation with the actor of ‘ Amar es para siempre ‘.


In these statements Mónica says she is very surprised by this rumor since since they broke MAM she has continued forming part of her life and will continue to do so.