The tragic news happened last January, but it has been now when the actor has officially communicated through their social networks. His son, 2 years old, has died from a brain tumor.

“I have very sad news,” thus begins the official statement that the actor, Rob Delaney has launched through their social networks. ” My two and a half year old son, Henry, passed away,” he continues. “Henry had been diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2016, shortly after his first birthday, after persistent vomiting and weight loss, they had surgery to remove the tumor and continue with the treatment during the first part of 2017. Then, the cancer came back last fall and died in January, “the actor announced.

The message that the actor has sent has moved everyone; “My wife and Henry’s older brothers and I are devastated, of course, Henry was a joy, he was smart, funny and mischievous, and we had so many wonderful adventures together, especially after he moved home after fifteen months of living In his hospitals, his tumor and surgery left him with significant physical disabilities, but he quickly learned sign language and developed his own method to move from A to B by crawling on his beautiful little butt, his impulse to live, love and connect was I am amazed by the love in the action shown by Henry’s mother and his brothers, so I will try not to go mad with pain, I do not want to miss their beautiful lives. I am greedy for more experiences with them. The NHS nurses and doctors, the caregivers of the home and the charity workers who helped our family survive the disease of Henry will be my heroes until the day of my death. I am desperately sad at the moment, but I can say with authority that there are good things in this world. “

In addition, Delaney has taken the opportunity to encourage his followers to make donations to organizations that aim to help sick children ; “If you want to help other families in the UK with very sick children, make a donation to Rainbow Trust ( or Noah’s Ark ( ) in Henry’s name or in the name of someone you love, our family would be in a much worse situation if it were not for them, and I urge you to take concrete and sustained steps to support the NHS, as you can. “

“Finally, I ask you to respect the privacy of my family regarding this matter, I have nothing more to say that I have not said here” and has returned to say goodbye to your little one; ” Thank you, beautiful Henry, for spending as much time with us as you .