Music has put you on the same path and we love it. 

Demi Lovato received the best advice of life and that wine nothing more and nothing less than one of the people she most admires: John Mayer ! (Yes, the eternal love of Katy Perry )

A few days ago, the interpreter of  Tell Me You Love gave me  a private concert in Dallas, Texas. In front of his audience he revealed something we could never have imagined. 

“When I was 15 or 16, I wrote a couple of songs with John. (Later) He wrote me a letter saying ‘Follow your instincts, you have good intuition.’ So since then I have followed him and he has really helped me ” 

In addition to this sweet confession, Lovato said that very soon he will debut a collaboration with one of his “greatest idols”, and that his dream is to work with … Eminem ! 

“Working with him would be very cool, I think he’s an amazing rapper and we could do great things together” … Please! 

Rihanna , Pink, Dido , Sia have been some of the “women” of the Love Yourself performer, so Demi should definitely join the list.