Paris and Prince Jackson were the sweetest children and this is the test. 

The public saw very little of the first years of life of Michael Jackson’s children.

In the early 2000s the children of the King of Pop – Prince Jackson, 21, and Paris Jackson, 19 – used to appear with masks that protected their identities. However, in recent years they have been allowed to see what they are, with the exception of Blanket “Bigi” Jackson, 15, who has preferred to keep a more discreet profile under the custody of his uncle (The boy’s grandmother,  Katherine Jackson, presented the papers to resign to be co-tutor of the teenager in October 2017.)

A few hours ago-in tribute to his older brother’s birthday-Paris shared with his fans a glimpse of his childhood in a video never before seen. With a “My dear brother, I could fly from the moon and back hundreds of times and the distance would not be enough to quantify how much I adore you.” I have always noticed you, and on this day I can say that you are still the greatest example I missed these days where we could fight and still have the chance to win I miss playing with the hot wheels and my little pony with you I miss fighting like pirates and trying to do spells like Harry Potter I miss Saturdays where we could sleep and eat watching gargoyles and Transformers (and sometimes cartoons in Arabic), and stay up late listening to tell us crazy stories that always had a crazy ending. 



it’s not your birthday for another half hour but i flew to the east coast today so technically i’m already two and a half hours late! so i’m posting this now. my dearest brother. i could fly to the moon and back a thousand times and the distance still wouldn’t amount to how much i adore you. i’ve always looked up to you, and to this day you’re still the greatest role model i could ever hope for. i miss these days where we could wrestle and i’d still have a chance at winning, though. i miss playing hot wheels and my little pony with you, i miss fighting like pirates and trying to cast spells with our harry potter wands. i miss the saturdays where we would sleep in and eat porridge and OJ and watch gargoyles and transformers (and sometimes cartoons in arabic?), and staying up late listening to you tell us wild bed time stories that always had a crazy twist at the end. you’ve always been my best friend in the whole wide universe and i’m so lucky to have you in my life. i couldn’t have wished for our friendship to turn out any better. we may not have our water guns and crash bandicoot, but we have so much more. you’re the most fun, genuine, determined and hilarious person i know. and it makes ma soul happy to know dat i can always count on you, and no matter where we are in the world and in life, my home is with you and the little guy. i love you so much, gooko. i’m so proud of you. happy birthday.

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In the video the brothers are dancing, playing and living “a normal life” thanks to their father.

“I could not have wanted our friendship to be better, we could not have had water guns … but we had a lot more … You’re the most genuine, determined and fun guy I know and it makes me very happy to know that I can always count on you no matter where we are in the world and in life, my house is with you, little one, I love you so much, gooko, I am very proud of you, happy birthday, “he wrote.

Before 2009, when Michael’s death happened, Paris and his brothers took private classes at home.

“When you’re at home, your dad, who loves you more than anything, would occasionally come to say, ‘Cool, no more classes for today, let’s have fun with dad,’ the model told  Rolling Stone .  “We were of the idea that ‘We do not need friends, we have you (referring to your dad) and the Disney Channel.'” However, later, he would tell  Harper’s Bazaar , “The only interactions I had were with my family or other adults, and as a result, I did not have the skills to socialize.” 

Despite this, the childhood he had gave him some advantages. “I was not surrounded by many girls, as a child I was with my dad and my siblings, and as I was growing up, I was treated like the favorite because I was the only girl, I was the princess, it was perfect for my dad’s eyes.”