The singer’s video appeared on the singer’s YouTube channel a few hours ago, which was included in Swift Lover’s seventh studio album. In the video, Taylor appears in the image of an alpha male with all the attributes inherent in this “status”: from a yacht and cigars to young lovers. In the first frames, an allusion to the film “The Wolf of Wall Street” with Leonardo DiCaprio in the title role is guessed. In the song, Taylor condemns toxic masculinity and double standards.

A lot of “Easter eggs” are hidden in the video – not immediately noticeable references to any cultural phenomena left by the authors of the film or video. So, on the subway, into which at one moment the main character descends, posters for the film Mr. Americana. They indicate that the main role in the film is played by Tyler Smith. In the real world, in late January, Netflix released a documentary about Taylor Swift’s “Miss Americana.” Also in the video was Lauren Gray, the person with the most subscribers to Tik Tok. She can be seen in the scene on the court, she serves the balls. At the end of the video, a bonus awaits the audience: a small episode demonstrating how Taylor’s transformation took place.

Taylor acted as a video director and screenwriter. For her, this is the first self-made clip.