Eva Mendes would like to return as an actress with a role as a villain in a Disney film. In conversation with Entertainment Tonight , the American says that she has become more picky with film roles since she was a mother.

“I will always love acting, but now that I have children, I have become more extreme,” said Mendes, 45, who played her last film role in Lost River (2014). “There are many things that I no longer want to do, including many of the films I have ever done. I no longer want to play violent or sexual roles.”

The actress thinks that Disney films therefore fit perfectly in her street. “I’m all yours, Disney,” said Mendes. She is not interested in roles such as princess. “I see myself more as the villain. I am more the Ursula type. I like the bad guys in Disney movies.”

In addition, the actress also sees a sequel to the film Hitch , the romantic comedy from 2005 in which she was screened with Will Smith. “It’s time for Hitch 2. Let’s do it, Will.”

In the original film, Smith plays a ‘date doctor’ who helps his clients in love. It seems interesting to Mendes to see how this would work in a time with dating apps. “What would Hitch do then? He wouldn’t have a job.”

Mendes played alongside Hitch in films such as The Place Beyond The Pines (2012), The Women (2008) and The Other Guys (2010). Mendes has had a relationship with actor Ryan Gosling since 2011. Together they have two daughters, five and three years old.