The singer broke the metatarsal bone during the dance.

Recently, her boyfriend Britney Spears reported that she injured her leg and now wears plaster.

My lioness broke a metatarsal bone, doing what she loves so much – doing dancing. I wish her a speedy recovery and so that she can again jump, run and dance to the fullest,

– Sam Asgari wrote on his Instagram.

And today, Britney showed her subscribers the moment when the fracture occurred. On the day of the injury, she danced barefoot in short shorts and a tank top in front of the camera. In the video, Spears actively moves, makes sharp turns and jumps and stumbles at some point. The sound of breaking bone is even heard on the video.

I didn’t dance for six months and I parted on that day. And yes, I dance barefoot because it’s more convenient on a slippery floor. PS Here you can hear me breaking my leg. Sorry so loud

– the singer signed the video.

In the comments, subscribers left Britney with many words of support and wishes for a speedy recovery. However, Spears receives the most support and care from his partner Sam. He brought her to the hospital and after the singer had cast, he wrote the word stronger (“stronger”) on it with felt-tip pens. Sam says his lover’s leg will recover soon and will be “stronger and stronger than before.”