Brad Pitt , Charlize Theron , Scarlett Johansson and other stars of the first magnitude invited all Americans to register on a special nationwide website and take part in the March 3 vote. It is on this date that the “Super Tuesday” falls out – in the US political jargon this is what Tuesday is called at the beginning of February or March in the year of the presidential election, when most states hold pre-elections or primaries.

I vote because I believe in change. Register and be heard

– such a straightforward phrase is pronounced in turn by all the heroes of the video published the day before by the American edition of W Magazine on its YouTube channel.

During the primaries, citizens choose US presidential candidates from parties. Those that receive the most votes will subsequently fight for the chair of the country’s leader, who is now occupied by the representative of the Republican Party, Donald Trump. According to tradition, candidates get the most votes in the “Super Tuesday”, therefore a high turnout for politicians is extremely important – and any tricks are used to attract voters. This year, March 3, 13 states will vote at once, the rest will be distributed on other dates.

The first actor to appear in the frame is Brad Pitt, who has a very mixed relationship with the current US president. At the recent  Oscar, the actor joked about his impeachment, and Trump himself called the artist “a smug little boy.”

In total, 22 people starred in the campaign, including popular actors, musicians and directors, including Charlize Theron, Chris Evans, Adam Sandler , El and Dakota Fanning, Margaret Quelli , Shia LaBeouf, Laura Dern, Antonio Banderas, Aquafina, Willem Dafoe and Cynthia Erivo.