Eight years after the tragic death, Whitney Houston reappeared on stage. Of course, not herself, but her digital image. Last night, the hologram of the legendary singer opened the world tour with a big concert in Sheffield. An unusual event called “Evening with Whitney” was organized by BASE Hologram in collaboration with Estate of Whitney E. Houston. Announcing the upcoming tour, the CEO of this venture said:

We are creating a new type of theatrical concert experience designed to capture magic. When Whitney Houston spoke, she had an unrivaled level of charisma and emotions – this is what we are going to convey to the audience. It is a great honor for me to preserve her heritage through this project.

The audience of the first performance of digital Whitney Houston was not disappointed. To make the singer’s holographic projection look live, the creators reviewed hundreds of hours of video recordings from her concerts and reproduced all the singer’s movements in her virtual version to the smallest detail. And the Whitney hologram company on stage was made up of live musicians, backing vocalists and dancers.

Also today, Whitney Houston, embodied in digital format, has become a guest visitor to the morning show, where she appeared with Pat Houston. Speaking about the debut of her sister’s hologram, Pat said that the “right time” was chosen for the tour, and the whole thing was completely “Whitney-like.” 

Unlike a concert show, a television hologram performance did not succeed. On Twitter, you can find dozens of indignant comments from fans of the artist:

Sorry, but what’s this? Not at all like Whitney. The idea is good, but a failure.

Whitney’s hologram is so irregular and strange. It seems that the creator was mistaken in the calculations, respect the departed.

There is nothing stranger than the reincarnation of dead people in a hologram for daytime viewing.

These selfish people simply decided to cash in on Whitney’s name after using a hologram completely different from her. Sick, sick world!Recall the  legendary Whitney Houston passed away on February 11, 2012 at the age of only 48 years. She was found in the bath of a Beverly Hilton hotel in Los Angeles. The investigation established that death came from an overdose of drugs.