The voice problems that Miley Cyrus struggled with in November weren’t the result of much singing. Her voice was bothered by talking and smoking for a long time after performances, the singer tells Joe Rogan on Wednesday . She says her speaking voice has become a lot lower, especially in the last year due to a deviation in her vocal cords.

“Not the singing, but what happened next affected my voice,” said Cyrus. “The adrenaline of giving a show ensures that you are completely ‘on’ afterwards.”

“After that it is difficult to fall asleep. You stay up and talk all night. That later became smoking all night too.”

According to Cyrus, your voice, like a face, collects wrinkles, “the result of the things you do with it.” The singer sees her voice operation in November as a blessing. In the more than fifteen years that she has been touring, she – besides singing scales – has never studied the endurance of her “instrument” with vocal training.

Cyrus: ‘I have Reinke’s edema’

Cyrus said he suffered from Reinke’s edema, an abnormality of the vocal cords in people who have smoked for a long time. Women in particular experience complaints, because their voice becomes lower. According to the singer, that was the case in “the last year to a large extent”.

“My doctor told me this does not occur in shy people,” explains 27-year-old Cyrus. “It’s because of a lot of talking and he usually sees it in people over sixty.”