The Disney movie Mulan will be available to all Disney + subscribers at no extra cost from December 4. The film, which will be released on the platform from September 4, costs 22 euros for that date. In addition, a Disney + subscription is required.

The Verge noted that Disney had updated its page on how to access the movie’s premiere . Since Wednesday, that page also shows the date for subscribers who do not want to pay an extra surcharge for the film.

Mulan has been postponed several times due to the corona virus . At the end of July it was announced that the film had been removed from the release calendar. By offering the opportunity to attend a premiere of the film, the company hopes to make a profit on the film.

Disney + subscribers can watch the film until November 2, before it will be available to all members a month later.

The live action remake of the animated film from 1998 will be available online from September 4, in addition to online cinemas in countries where Disney + is not active.