Does he confess to his crimes?

A good way to start a film career is to co-star in the biggest TV series of all time. But what happens to Keith Harington after his hair length has become irrelevant? The trailer for the second season of Netflix’s Criminal shows the actor in an interrogation room. He will play one of the main roles in this series.

The series, coined by director Jim Field Smith (Episodes) and screenwriter George Kaye (Killing Eve), has a very unusual concept. This is an anthology series, each episode of which tells about its own crime. But all the action takes place in the same scenery – in the interrogation room. Each time, investigators look for the best way to get to the suspect: have a heart-to-heart talk, scare, crush with facts, or try to deceive. Interrogations turn into exciting duels. And the barely noticeable emotion that flashed on the face of the interrogated can tell more than a detailed answer. The slogan of the season reads:

Four new cases, four new suspects, and one room that will change everything.

Harington will be a suspect in one of the episodes. In other episodes, charges will be leveled against Sophie Okonedo (Hotel Rwanda), Kunal Nayyar (The Big Bang Theory) and Sharon Horgan (Catastrophe).

The Outlaw Season 2 premiere is set for September 16th.