Britney Spears (38) would like an independent company to be responsible for its finances. The singer has filed a request in court to appoint Bessemer Trust Company as administrator in place of her father Jamie Spears (68), Entertainment Tonight reports based on legal documents.

“Britney is strongly against her father remaining the sole trustee of her estate,” the court documents read. “She therefore strongly prefers that a qualified company be appointed to play that role.”

The singer wants to use the right she would have to appoint a administrator herself. Also, the legal documents state that Britney has no developmental disability and is not a patient – or on leave – from hospitals or mental health facilities.

Jamie has been responsible for her business and personal decisions since his daughter’s mental breakdown 12 years ago. He will remain so until at least February next year, a judge is said to have determined last month. Last week, it was announced that Britney’s sister Jamie Lynn became co-responsible a few years ago for a trust fund in which money has been put into the singer’s two sons.