It has been eleven years since Kanye West (43) stopped the victory speech of Taylor Swift (30) at the VMAs because he felt that Beyoncé (38) should have won. But the rapper now refuses responsibility for what happened in a new podcast. 

“Look, God gives me all the information,” explains Kanye West in actor and comedian Nick Cannon’s podcast. “If God hadn’t wanted me to run up the stage and say Beyoncé actually made the best video clip, He wouldn’t have put me in the front row. Then I would have been sitting at the back of the room. ”

He continues: “Then this would not have been the first award either. It was also a ridiculous idea, because I had never heard of Taylor and ‘Single Ladies’ is truly one of the best videos of all time. ” He thinks it is nonsense that he would have been drunk that evening after drinking a bottle of cognac on the red carpet. “I only drank cognac because I didn’t want to go to the show, it was set up.” 


In the podcast, Kanye talks about the moment when he and wife Kim Kardashian were reluctant to have their first child, North, aborted. He used to tell that story crying on his first presidential rally, although not everyone was well received – least of all his family. For example, the rapper claimed that his own father had wanted to terminate the pregnancy so that Kanye would never have been born. “I talked to my dad, and he made me apologize for talking about this publicly. He also said that the culture surrounding abortions teaches people that a child is not a real soul. But it was my wife who said, “This is a soul.” And the scary thing was: she already had the pills in her hand – you know, you take them and the next morning the baby is gone. ”

Kanye is especially happy that she eventually decided to keep the baby, he admits. “Family is really the key,” he says. “The key to our friends and family, to our colleagues, to our city, our state, our country and the world. Humanity needs family ”, the rapper concludes. 

Sunday Services

Finally, Kanye also talks about his church services, the so-called Sunday Services. They would  have cost about 50 million dollars (41.7 million euros) in 2019. According to the rapper, a lot of money went into organizing the opera that resulted from his services and in the travel costs. He is said to have taken 120 men with him when he held his now famous Sunday Service in Jamaica. The musician states in the conversation that he can miss the money because he no longer has to spend on marketing his clothing brand. “The Yeezy’s are selling themselves, so instead of paying big bucks for advertising, I invested in the church, I invested in gospel distribution.”

The rapper also shares a new plan he has: he plans to buy all paparazzi agencies. “I’ve had that idea for some time, I jump in the car at a paparazzo and I hire it myself. I know they are having a hard time with covid now. I have work for them. I buy all paparazzi companies, so that I can choose the photos myself. ”