Although his fiance Chuck Pankow denied any kind of aggression and did not press charges, the police insist on prosecuting it.

Steven Spielberg’s 23-year-old adopted daughter, Mikaela, was arrested after reportedly fighting her fiance after leaving a Nashville bar.

Mikaela, whose adoptive parents are Steven and his wife Kate Capshaw, was arrested on Saturday morning and admitted to the Hill Detention Center in Tennessee.

According to a new report from the local WZTV media, the incident was triggered after Mikaela and her fiance Chuck Pankow began to argue after returning from a bar around 4 am

According to the arrest report, Chuck made a “rude comment” to Spielberg, which led to her getting angry and throwing objects at her.

Although they did not reveal what kind of objects were allegedly thrown, Chuck was beaten and was left with a visible injury to his hand.
Responding officers noticed dried blood on his hand, a swollen wrist and skin marks. Later they said the wounds seemed recent.

Mikaela reportedly changed her version of the domestic dispute and made contradictory statements, according to the authorities, according to which they determined that she was the aggressor and are processing the filmmaker’s daughter, after Chuck refused to press charges.

Speaking to Fox News after his partner’s arrest, Chuck insisted that the incident was “a misunderstanding.”

Mikaela recently revealed that she has started “self-producing” videos for adults, with the ambition of becoming a sex worker and a licensed dancer in a strip club. He said on the website The US Sun, his mother and father were “intrigued” but “not bothered” by the news.