Oprah Winfrey’s tour on health had a shaky start yesterday in Los Angeles. The 66-year-old superstar fell ugly when she spoke ironically about balance. As she gave her speech and walked across the stage, she began to falter. Fortunately, she didn’t have anything left.

Meanwhile, images are being distributed on social media showing the fall of Oprah Winfrey. “My definition of health?”, She said in the video. “For me, health means balance. And balance means that not all things always go well or that you have peace with everything. ” At that moment she started to falter and fell on the podium.

Fortunately it was not too bad. “Wrong shoes,” she cried soon after her fall. The reactions of the audience present also almost immediately changed from startled cries to an encouraging applause.

Oprah continued her speech barefoot. She joked: “It’s nice to talk about balance and then fall yourself.” Eventually someone came to bring her easier shoes.