Kelly Clarkson (37) was criticized on Twitter after an unfortunate comment in “The Voice USA.” The coach reacted surprised when she noticed that one of the candidates had a white skin color. “So racist,” it sounded on social media. 

Kelly Clarkson made her comment during the ‘blind audition’ of 25-year-old Zach Day. The young man made quite an impression with his version of the SWV number ‘Weak’. Coach John Legend was the first to press the red button and was soon followed by Kelly. The latter was completely surprised after the performance. “Wow, you’re white,” she responded. “If I had made a bet on your looks, I would have lost a lot of money.” 

That comment immediately led to some sharp responses on Twitter. “You are white?” Really Kelly? And how should black sound then? ”, A viewer wondered. Another twitterer went even further: “What a racist comment.” 

That the singer didn’t mean it badly, was clear from the praising words she had for Zach. “If I can describe you in one word, it is ‘impressive’, so I would really like to work with you,” she cried. The candidate eventually chose John Legend as a coach. Whether Clarkson’s comment had anything to do with that is not clear.