The model continues to shock the audience with “open motherhood”.

In late January, the famous plus-size model Ashley Graham first became a mother. A celebrity often said that pregnancy and childbirth were not a cloudless time for her, as is sometimes presented. Having become a mother, Graham decided to further dispel the myth of “glamorous motherhood”, showing in her Instagram what maternal everyday life really looks like. She openly discusses controversial issues and supports women, and is also not at all embarrassed by the “natural processes”.

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Recently, she posted on her page a photo in which she changes the baby’s diaper right on the floor in the store. Ashley explained that she could not find a toilet nearby, but “thank God she brought along a changing mat.” The 32-year-old mother was located right at the trading stand and did the job, and after she posted a photo on which she wipes the child. Graham covered obscene places with brown hearts, and did not begin to cover the expanded diapers that fell into the frame.

For many users, Ashley’s photo with diapers made laugh, but some are outraged by Graham’s frankness. This is by no means the first time that the model embarrasses subscribers with “maternal” frames: earlier it showed how it uses a breast pump while riding in a taxi, and also regularly uploads photos in which it feeds the baby.