Stephanie Niznik Died at 52

The actress was primarily known for her role in Everwood . The circumstances of his death are not yet known.

American actress Stephanie Niznik died on June 23rd in the Californian town of Encino at the age of 52, as reported by Variety on Friday. The People website says that the causes of his death are still unknown. 

Stephanie Niznik was born in Bangor, Maine in 1967. She graduated from Duke University where she studied genetics, theater and Russian. She was best known for her role as Nina Feeney in the Everwood series , broadcast between 2002 and 2006. She has participated in numerous series during her career, taking on minor roles in Sliders , JAG , Profiler or Diagnosis: Murder . She was also in the cast of Star Trek: Insurrection , by Jonathan Frakes, released in 1999.

Most recently, she has appeared in the hit series Gray’s Anatomy , The Experts: Miami or NCIS: Special Investigations . She had moved away from film sets in recent years. According to Allocine , his last appearance on screen dates back to 2009, in an episode of Season 5 of Lost .