In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar magazine, Irina Shayk (33) responded for the first time to the break with Bradley Cooper (44). She denies, among other things, that Lady Gaga was at the basis of their break and says she has not lost her faith in love. “I still really believe in it,” says Irina.

“I understand that everyone is fascinated by the fracture. It is typically human, we are very curious. It is like a curtain, you really want to know what is behind it, “says Irina about the many media reports and conspiracy theories surrounding the breach. She also denies that something is going on between her ex Bradley and his “A Star Is Born” co-star Lady Gaga. Both Bradley and Lady Gaga have repeatedly denied that.

Despite the painful break, Irina refuses to give up her belief in love. “Everyone looks at a marriage differently but I really still believe in it,” she concludes. Despite the public break, the Hollywood couple still have contact. After all, they are responsible for the education of their daughter Lea.