Leonardo DiCaprio has always been publicly concerned about the fate of our planet. In an exclusive interview with our Hollywood reporter, he expresses his support for Anuna De Wever, Kyra Gantois and the other Belgian climate truants. “We have to keep fighting,” he says.

It is not the first time that Leonardo has publicly supported climate change. In the past, he showed on social media that he was a fan of the young climate movement. “I use my social media as a platform, but it only has support when people actually come out on the street. There must be some sort of revolution, because the private sector and governments ignore the voice of the people. It is a fact that the next generation must bear the consequences and they are aware of that, “he says. The actor also lashes out at people who write off climate change as ‘fake news’. “It is not logical for such statements to be tolerated. You cannot simply ignore scientific facts. I understand that climate change is not a comfortable idea, but it remains the truth. ”

The ‘Titanic’ actor also admits in the interview that he finds it difficult to remain optimistic. “It is difficult to maintain optimism,” it sounds. “We can only keep fighting and hope that world governments set an example.” The actor himself continues to fight with his own Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation. “With my organization we try to support indigenous people. They protect the Amazon forest, so we must help them to prevent it from disappearing forever. They not only fight for its existence, but also for bio-diversity. “