48-year-old Catherine Zeta-Jones and 73-year-old Michael Douglas are not accustomed to sit still: between shooting and social events, a couple travels around the world, and if not even flies away, then definitely does not spend days watching a TV show. Take at least the latest Zeta-Jones publication in Instagram.
Morning jogging is fine
– shared the details of life outside the camera, the actress, supporting her words with a photograph, on which she was imprinted with her husband.

Zeta-Jones, it is worth noting, is a big fan of sports. However, exhausting training is not about her. Katherine prefers to follow the figure, enjoying the process:

I like to mix. I alternate walking with swimming and exercising in the gym. And also to support a body in a tonus to me helps dances, bicycles and tennis. In those days when I can not go to fitness or the weather does not allow me to go in for sports on the street, I can always do a couple of exercises at home.And do not forget about nutrition. I refused alcohol, I drink a lot of water, but I do not sit on strict diets.

But, of course, no one canceled cans of magic potion – such a Catherine plenty. Some time ago, she shared a photo of her shelf in the bathroom, according to Daily Mail, according to estimates of journalists, creams and whey for $ 2,600.

The most expensive beauty product Zeta-Jones was a cream for the neck and decollete zone Le Metier de Beaute, which costs 450 dollars. On the same shelf, the most attentive people saw Natura Bisse Diamond Extreme moisturizing cream for $ 355, which includes an extract of Artemia Salima – a variety of sea shrimp.
When I was a child, my mother told me: “Always look good, because you never know when you can meet with the US president.”
– recalls the actress, who, as we see, invariably adheres to the advice of her mother.