Scheduled to go out in two months at the time when these lines are written, Rampage continues its promotional campaign with this new trailer more original than average. The unveiled images thus stage a Dwayne Johnson in a tank top inside a weight room showing us the new video clips of the footage. Fun or dismaying?

Self-filming in a gym, sweaty body, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson begins a short monologue presentation of the new “badass trailer” Rampage. ” Hey, how are you everybody? Today I want you to enjoy the new badass trailer of Rampage. And when I say badass … I mean badass! “Declares the former wrestler before the film’s images begin to be broadcast.


After a few seconds of spectacular images ending with a Dwayne Johnson running to save his life, the video clip stops to return to the actor filming selfie.

The latter, playing nerves with self-mockery, then declares: ” What is this brothel ?! You can not show that I’m running away like that! The world is watching this! I am the most badass movie star on the planet. I have a reputation to protect. Now show us the other video clips, not the clips where I seem to be scared! “If the film’s images revealed here fundamentally reveal nothing new, we can however salute the humor of the American actor.