The young woman does not intend to let herself be dictated.

While it is currently on the bill of Gringo (released March 9, 2018 in the United States, the film will land on May 8 in France), Paris Jackson has encountered stunned comments from Internet users who denounce its mode of life, and more specifically its regular use of cannabis.

Monday, March 12, the daughter of the late pop king Michael Jackson has released a video on social networks where she appears with a huge branch of marijuana in the mouth. ” Should I smoke it like that? ” She joked.


Unfortunately for her, the young woman known for her love for this drug became legal in California for people 21 years and older (Paris Jackson is only 19 years old) did not make friends by publishing this message. ” Paris, your father would never have allowed you to smoke that, think how disappointed he would be ,” said one user.

You’re better than that and you know it

A second was quick to take a quote from the young actress from her interview for Vogue magazine in 2017 and during which she explained that she wanted to be a model for girls, a model ” that the parents would validate “. ” Which parents think it’s okay for their child to smoke weed? You’re better than that and you know it, ” the user added.

Annoyed by these remonstrances, the sister of Prince (21 years old) and Blanket (16 years old) counterattacked dryly. ” I know there are some parents who rely on this amazing natural medicine to keep their kids alive because the alternative pharmaceutical drugs that the doctors put in their mouths were killing them at the base, but hey, everyone’s thing, was – she writes, try typing in Google ‘narcotics’, ‘pharmaceutical lobby’ and then type ‘cannabidiol’, then come back to me, I’ll be sitting here eating granola and watching Scooby-Doo“, has she sarcastically added.


A weak argument for his detractors. ” Paris you mentioned medicinal marijuana, which is very different from just smoking weed with friends, I think it’s a pill for those who are very sick, ” said a fan.

” It’s his life, but posting pictures and videos every day with cigarettes in his mouth and now marijuana … That’s too much, in the photo it looked like drugs, you want so much ‘attention and articles about it? It’s embarrassing and shameful,’ blasted another. Wishing to close the debate, Paris Jackson simply concluded: ” I thought it was funny, sorry guy. ” Ball in the center?