The son of drummer Tommy Lee, Brandon Lee, with whom he had a fight earlier this week, said that the alcohol addiction of his father is the cause of the quarrel.


The young Lee (21) wrote this to People in a statement. 

“I have tried so many times to organize an intervention, which has never succeeded in my frustration.I had hoped that my father’s recovery and the accompanying total abstention could remain a private matter, but because of his comments on social media I feel compelled to publicly to respond, “said 21-year-old Brandon.

“I will continue to cooperate with Justice, if necessary, I love my father and want nothing more than to see him happy, healthy and sober.”


Lee (55) reacted very strongly to his son’s statement via Twitter: “I am happier than I have ever been, I take a drink now and then, because I am retired and enjoy life. worked hard, so I deserve it, you never planned an intervention, you hardly talked to me when you were here, you’re just trying to save your own skin! ”

TMZ  reported Tuesday that a fight between Tommy and Brandon Lee had gotten out of hand and that the 21-year-old Brandon acted out of self-defense when it fell.

Tommy Lee was taken to the hospital for a check-up after the fight. He shared a picture of his injuries on social media. He ran a fat, bleeding lip. Lee said that Brandon did not act out of self-defense, but attacked him and struck unconscious.