The live version of Disney’s Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, Christopher Robin, shows today his first trailer.

Disney seems hot boiling for his next live action movies. While the promotion of A Shortcut in Time is in full swing and just after unveiling the first trailer of Mary Poppins Returns, the firm has just released that of Christopher Robin. It is an adaptation of the adventures of Winnie the Pooh, where Jean-Christophe, the young hero of the famous work, is now adult and recrosses the road of the famous soft toy.

Another leap in time

Worn by Ewan McGregor ( Fargo ) in the title role, the film will focus on this father visibly annoyed by his work in his adult life. The rest of the cast is not left out since his wife Evelyn will be played by Hayley Atwell ( Agent Carter ), his daughter Madeline will be played by Bronte Carmichael ( On Chesil Beach) and his boss Keith Winslow will be none other than Mark Gatiss ( Sherlock ).

The voice cast will also be extremely solid. Jim Cummings will once again give his voice to Winnie, Chris O’Down ( The IT Crowd ) will be Tigger, Brad Garrett ( Ninja Turtles 2 ) will be Eeyore, Toby Jones ( Sherlock ) will be Master Owl, Nick Mohammed (soon in the Disney  Casse) -Noisette and the four kingdoms ) will be Porcinet, Peter Capaldi ( Doctor Who ) will be Coco Lapin and finally Sophie Okonedo ( Hotel Rwanda ) will be Grand Guru. Beautiful people.


Marc Forster ( World War Z ) will direct Christopher Robin, who will arrive at the cinema on August 1st.

Christopher Robin – Teaser Trailer