Donnie Yen confirmed the news on Instagram, taking the opportunity to unveil the first images of the adaptation of the fire action game United Front Games.

The snapshots, to be discovered below, show the actor of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and Ip Man in the skin of the hero of Sleeping Dogs, the latter training or correcting some members of the Triad.

If this adaptation is still relevant, it does not yet have a release date in theaters. In the meantime, let’s recall that Original Film (the Fast and Furious saga, xXx ) is in production.

n the game Sleeping Dogs , players play Wei Shen, a cop undercover who has infiltrated a mafia organization in Hong Kong. The goal is to make their way to the highest instances of the triad, using martial arts and other testosterone gunfights.

The story does not say if the film will be inspired from A to Z of the game, or will allow some gaps. But according to Donnie Yen’s first preview, the feature film promises to be faithful – at least in its staging.