Japan regularly has the right to games mixing the heroes of different famous manga. The announcement of a new game of this type is not really surprising. What is surprising, however, is the type of game we are talking about.

Japanese players have just learned the upcoming release of Jumputi Heroes , title in which will meet the heroes of many licenses Jump as Dragon Ball Z , One Piece, Gintama, Yu Yu Hakusho , Slam Dunk or Kochikame.

And unlike other crossovers of this type released in the past, this is not about a fighting game or an RPG. Indeed, this new game is a Puzzle Game / RPG Free-to-Play provided on smartphones.

Jumputi Heroes, created to celebrate 50 years of Jump, allows you to compose teams with a hero and up to three supporting characters. By making shots, it is possible to fill a gauge. Once this is completed, players can use invocations (like Shenron for example) to various utilities.

Scheduled for next spring in Japan, Jumputi Heroes has not logically been announced in the West. The first images of the game, relayed by the site ShonenGamez, are available in our gallery below.