The new Die Hard film will be called McClane, says producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura.


John McClane (Bruce Willis) is the protagonist in the extremely successful series of films about a detective who can always offer the only rescue in difficult hostage situations.

The first part from 1988, shot by the Dutch cameraman Jan de Bont, is considered one of the best action films ever made. The last part, which came out in 2013, was however badly received.


The sixth part, for which the scenario is almost finished, partly takes place in the present and is partly a prequel, in which the viewer gets to know a young John McClane, the producer tells Empire. “We will focus more than ever on the character John McClane.” 

Willis will be a very prominent part of the sixth part. “We can not imagine Die Hard without Bruce Willis.”

It is not yet known who will play young McClane. The director of Die Hard 6: McClane is Len Wiseman, who also made part 4, Live Free or Die Hard. The new film has to be put into production in the coming months.