Emma Stone has never been as frustrated in her acting career as when she played in Birdman. The actress says by learning to use her own emotions while playing.


The actress was asked to play a role in  Birdman during the two weeks of rest she had during the shooting of Amazing Spider-Man 2 . Although she wanted it, she became very nervous in advance.

“And those nerves were confirmed: it was such a difficult role, so technical and a huge challenge, I thought I was going crazy,” said the 29-year-old actress in conversation with  The Hollywood Reporter.


One evening, in frustration, Stone decided to smoke all the herbal cigarettes she had been given. “In one night I smoked all those cigarettes that do nothing for you but to make sure you get a sore throat, so I was so angry with myself that I was cursing and raving.” Alejandro (Inarritu, the director, ed. .) just looked at me and said, “This is it!”

The actress discovered at that moment that she could use her own anger to put her character down. “That really changed something for me, that I do not have to worry if I show something of myself, then I was 24. I’m 29 now and I’m still learning.” Since that movie I’ve found new joy and challenge in I am always looking for that moment of ultimate frustration because it is nice to show that. “