Shawn Mendes (21) and Camila Cabello (22) have very subtly parried the criticism of the way they kiss. They did that with a video clip on Instagram, which shows that it is definitely a big hit between the two stars.

“That’s why we want to show how we really kiss”

“We saw on Twitter and so on that you all said things about the way we kiss, that it looks weird and that we are just like a bunch of fish,” Shawn begins the movie. “That hurts a bit,” Camila adds. Shawn: “That’s why we want to show how we really kiss.”

The couple seems to be embarking on a romantic kiss, but then 22-year-old Camila pushes her full tongue in at 21-year-old Shawn, after which the kiss derails completely to the hilarity of their followers. The video was viewed more than 2.5 million times within an hour.