The wife of rock star Ozzy Osbourne appeared in front of fans in a new image. At The Talk, where Sharon acts as a co-host, the woman spoke about her fourth plastic surgery.

Sharon Osbourne can be called a woman who really wages a fierce struggle with her age. The star does not hide that surgical intervention helps her in this. She willingly shares with fans the details of all her transformations. So, about the last operation, the spouse of the rock star spoke in May, but then she was just getting ready for a face-lift. After some time, Osborne nevertheless fulfilled the plan and decided that the time had come to tell the public about it. Sharon said she did a face-lift on her cheeks, neck, chin and cheekbones. The star believes that she looks much fresher this way, and it’s really hard to argue with this – Ozzy’s wife began to look at least 5 years younger.

However, everything has its drawbacks, and operations were no exception. The woman admitted that the rehabilitation period is not over yet and she is still tormented by pain in the chin area. But Sharon believes that it makes no sense to complain, because she made the decision to perform the operation herself, and beauty really requires sacrifice.

2017 and 2019

The wife of a rock star has been a fan of plastic surgery since the 1970s. It was then that she first fell under the surgeon’s knife. Sharon changed a lot in herself: she had breast surgery, corrected her nose and neck. Sometimes she returned to plastic surgery not of her own free will, but because of health problems. The star struggled with colon cancer, and then the mammary glands were removed to prevent a relapse. Osborne understands that plastic surgery is her passion and even addiction, but the desire to look young is stronger than common sense. She has already spent about 180 thousand dollars on her operations, and perhaps this lift is far from the last in her life.