Kim Kardashian at the Jimmy Fallon Show

38-year-old Kim Kardashian ( Kim Kardashian) came to the show of the American TV presenter Jimmy Fallon ( Jimmy Fallon). During the recording of the program, the star had to show personal correspondence with her husband , 42-year-old Kanye West.

The celebrity is now busy as never before – she releases her collection of corrective underwear , spins up a cosmetic brand and is busy with family chores. The model’s husband purchased a Wyoming ranch for his family. Now the spouses have to spend a lot of time and effort on arranging the territory and home.

Despite the workload , the star became the guest of an entertaining evening show. The program consists of several parts – interviews and contests. During one of them, the presenter suggested that the model play a fun game – according to its rules, the most popular mobile applications are displayed on the screen. In each round, the guest and the host “ drops out” one of them with a specific task.

From the first time Kardashian ” caught” a section with messages. “You have to read your last SMS with your loved one,” Fallon said enthusiastically.

” Oh God , I do not know , that there is a message. I didn’t clean the phone before the broadcast, ”Kim admitted. The star unlocked her device and turned it toward the camera. The last message from her husband was a picture with a sign « West Lake», which sent her rapper. “This is our first ranch. In 50 years, this moment will mean so much to us, ”the artist wrote gently in SMS.

In the next round, Kardashian had to show his last request to Google. Kim began to actively make excuses and said , that it is very inconvenient to put it on public display. “No , show! These are the rules, ”Fallon insisted. “Linen with a cut for , to write”, – reads the inscription in a search engine.

The artist was very embarrassed and asked not to pay special attention to this. “I just released my collection of underwear , and I had many options. That is the issue I also wondered, “- laughing , Kim said.