Before the premiere of the seventh season, a little less than a month remains, and the creators of the Black List intrigue fans with the first frames of upcoming episodes. Judging by them, Raymond Reddington is in trouble, and how he gets out of it is a big question.

The audience was shocked by the fact that the reunion of Katerina and Red turned into the abduction of the latter. In a few frames, the hero appears shackled hand and foot, which means that his friends will have to try to rescue him.

Executive producer John Bonemcamp spoke a bit about the first episode:

We start from the very place where the audience, along with Red, froze with a whole heap of questions.

Red’s team remained trapped in Paris, outside the jurisdiction of their FBI friends. The creators guarantee that in the seventh season, fans will not soon say goodbye to Katerina and that the heroine will have a profound influence on Liz and everything she believes in.

This peculiar triangle between Katerina, Red and Liz will shed light on the mythology of the series,

– promised Bonemkamp.

The premiere of the seventh season of the Black List will take place on October 4.