Sharon Stone defended her The Disaster Artist colleague James Franco in a podcast interview. The actor is accused of sexual abuse by four women.


“I loathe what is happening to him now,” said Stone, who calls Franco “the sweetest, warmest, sweetest, elegantest, and sweetest”. The actress told comedian Marc Maron in podcast WTF that she thinks that in these times men are too often publicly disgraced, without having the chance to defend themselves against it.

In the interview, Stone was especially interested in one of the accusers of Franco, Violet Paley. She had a relationship with the actor at the time of the alleged abuse. The actress wondered in the interview why someone is insulted when the man she is dating is about to have sex.

Despite these statements, Stone sees himself as a follower of the # metoo movement.


She also told herself more often with sexual misbehavior, and because of #metoo she went to get a story from the men who have done something to her. The actress does not want to mention their names because she thinks that such cases should be fought in court and not in a public debate.