Paris Hilton has no idea when she is getting married. “It’s going to happen this year.”

 That’s what the 37-year-old socialite told E! News.

Although she was asked to marry in Aspen, Hilton wants to marry close to home, near Los Angeles. “We are still looking for a place.”

The search for a wedding dress has also begun. “My sister and I dressed all kinds of dresses in New York,” said Hilton, who was asked to marry in January during a skiing holiday by actor Chris Zylka.  

Engagement ring

The engagement ring that Hilton received is reportedly worth $ 2 million. It took four months to make it, said jewelry designer Michael Greene, who made the ring, recently.

The two met eight years ago at an Oscar party and became friends. Two years ago, the spark just passed. Hilton already indicated in previous interviews that he would like to start a family with Zylka.