The singer is also splashed by the shattering revelations contained in the Paradise Papers.

In recent days, the revelations of Paradise Papers are going around the world. In these documents, we learn all the techniques of tax evasion used by many personalities. And among these, we find the sulphurous Shakira.

According to our colleagues in Le Monde, the singer would have chosen to live in the tax haven of the Bahamas while she actually lives in Spain. It has also transferred the copyrights it receives on its international channels to Malta and Luxembourg, two countries where they are not taxed.

Of the 31.6 million euros represented by these rights, we can easily imagine the beautiful savings made by the singer.

But according to his lawyer, these direct debits are only pure coincidences. “Shakira is an international artist who has had different residences during her professional life and has always respected the laws of the jurisdictions on which she depends,” he said. “Our client is resident in the Bahamas and has owned a property in this country since 2004. In the following years, she was forced to travel constantly and spent most of her time in various countries.”