Chuck Norris has officially announced on the American channel CBS that he was putting an end to his acting career. The star of the action films explains that he wants to devote all his time to his wife, Gena O’Kelley, gravely ill, and to his fight against the pharmaceutical industry. According to him, his wife was “poisoned” by a contrast agent injected before an MRI.

Married since 1998 and parents of twins Danilee and Dakota, Chuck Norris and Gena O’Kelley have lived a real nightmare for four years. In 2013, the wife of the actor had to be hospitalized and pass several MRIs. A contrast product was then injected three times in eight days. It was from that moment that she started to complain of burning, pain and kidney problems. “It was as if all my body was on fire as if it were acid-filled. The burn was first isolated, then it spread, “she told Good Health magazineShe also lost a lot of weight. According to the couple, these health problems were caused by the injection of a contrast medium called “gladolinium”.

“I stayed in bed with an IV for five months, with 24-hour medical assistance. Chuck slept next to me on the couch, he never left. I prayed to survive and be able to raise my children,  “says Gena O’Kelley. And to add: “I had horrible brain damage: I could not think, I could not articulate, my memory failed, I had muscle weakness …”. However, when she wanted to know more about the injections, she was told that there was absolutely no risk and that it was simply necessary to drink water to evacuate the body’s contrast agent in a few hours. .

To treat his wife, Chuck Norris revealed to have spent more than two million dollars. “I feel extremely bad about the people who go through these trials and who, unlike us, do not have the money for treatment,” he told CBS. That’s why he intends to sue the pharmaceutical company that markets gadolinium. The couple claims $ 10 million in damages and above all wishes to warn the general public of the possible adverse health effects of this still widely used contrast product.