The Management Group requires the actor to repay the loan. Otherwise, he claims the five properties that acted as collateral.

This is no longer a secret: the actor Johnny Depp has, for several months already, big money problems. And according to the American tabloid TMZ, the famous actor may well have to separate from many of his properties.Indeed, the company The Management Group (TMG), from which the two former managers of the actor come, requires that the cult performer of Jack Sparrow repays his loan to the group, which dates from 2012 and amounts to not less than five million dollars.

To recoup his dues, the group would have filled, according to the tabloid, a record that should compel Johnny Depp to separate from the five properties – all located in Los Angeles – which served as collateral for the loan.

The battle of Johnny Depp against The Management Group dates back to last June when the actor decided to sue the company for mismanagement of his money; the actor accused the company of having contracted loans on his behalf, up to $ 40 million.