Sing for the first time live, ‘Tutú’, with Pedro Capó y Camilo

This Sunday afternoon, the Magic Box in Madrid lived a day of great emotion and joy. The Spanish team won the Davis Cup at the watchful eye of its promoter, Gerard Piqué , who was accompanied by his girl and the king, Felipe VI .

We do not know if it was Shakira that gave the team luck, but the truth is that when the track went dark and a thunderstorm broke out, the name that shone with capital letters was his. She was responsible for entertaining the minutes before the final.

He surrounded himself with dozens of dancers who made it clear from the outset that they were going to unload adrenaline. Then came the howls of Shakira who appeared with a body with fringes in blue, with glitters and began to sing in English, She Wolf.

Then Pedro Capó and Camilo appeared on stage with whom he sang his remix of Tutu . It was the first time they defended the issue live. “Thanks to Camilo and Pedro Capó for those golden moments on stage! It was delicious to sing Tutu with you, ”he said in networks shortly after.

“Goddess, how great !!! Congratulations to all three, ”commented India Martínez in networks. “🙌👏”, added Carlos Vives .

There was a third theme, La la la , which he composed for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. With this theme came the most complete choreography and the one that showed us that the Colombian is still as fit as ever . He returned to English and his characteristic hip movement.

Shakira’s relationship with the sport comes from afar and, once again, we have been able to verify that they marry perfectly. This performance was an appetizer for the presentation that will star with Jennifer Lopez in the next Super Bowl .

“Congratulations Spain and Rafa for this much deserved victory in the Davis Cup!”, Dedicated to the champions of the afternoon. And it was an afternoon to remember that the singer did not want to get lost.