Katie Holmes shares on instagram a picture of her in black and white, revealing fine stretch marks on her belly. His fans greet the gesture and comments are multiplying, causing a nice buzz.

Katie Holmes is one of the most prominent actresses of the moment and more and more asserts her style and her passion for fashion with increasingly sharp looks . So much so that she poses for the Australian Vogue magazine and shares a photo on her Instagram account. If the first highlights his look (jacket, pants and black bra), the second shot is a black and white photo, which shows more his skin. Her fans, very observant, saw immediately, she revealed thin stretch marks on her belly and rave about the nature of Katie Holmes who dares to show these particular brands , yet many women seek to get rid of.

In comment, one of the fans congratulates her with a lot of enthusiasm (” Love how beautiful and natural you are with your body.You are not afraid to show your body exactly how it is ” either “I love the natural relationship that you have with your body, you are not afraid to show your body exactly as it is “) . 

Indeed, 13 years after the birth of her daughter Suri Cruise which she is very close, Katie Holmes dares to show that she still has post-pregnancy stretch marks and shows them with modesty in a clichรฉ in black and white . Like Ashley Graham , Katie Holmes focuses on positive bodyand defends the right of women to pose naturally. A new good point for the ex of Jamie Foxx who never stops flourishing. At 40, Katie Holmes is definitely a woman to follow.