Last year, fans of Selena Gomez had many reasons to worry about her: the singer was treated at the rehabilitation center for depression and the consequences of lupus erythematosus, broke up with Justin Bieber … The star refused to communicate in social networks and fenced off from the outside world. The struggle for health, including the mental, brought the desired results. Recently, Selena decided to tell everyone about that difficult period.

Better to tell the truth. Last year brought me a lot of moral suffering, negative emotions. I could not smile, keep myself normal. It seemed to me that all the pain and all the anxiety surged across me at once. “I experienced one of the worst moments of my life,” said Selena at a dinner party in honor of the annual McLean Award. It is given to those people who have raised public awareness of mental health.

Last fall, Gomez realized that she was unable to cope with emotional problems on her own, so she turned to specialists for help. Doctors diagnosed her. So she met face to face with her main problem and realized how to deal with her.

I found out why I suffered from anxiety and depression for many years. Now, after a year of working on myself, I feel much better and happier. I control my thoughts and emotions more than ever before … Sharing my experience in dealing with depression and anxiety is not easy, but right. I had a fear that they would not understand and condemn me. I have been given a lot of things that can make life beautiful, but sometimes I struggle with hard thoughts and feelings. From this I do not get weaker. All people sometimes need help. And we need each other,”added Selena.