Tom Hiddleston was once again in the spotlight. This time he fueled rumors that he had an affair with a colleague in the play “Betrayal” Zavi Ashton. A couple was seen together at an auction in New York.

It is said that the actor has been dating his colleague in Betrayal, Zawi Ashton, for about six months, and there is no attempt by Hiddleston to discourage these rumors. Even more talk about their relationship began after they continued to spend time together in New York. There, Hiddleston and Ashton raffled off VIP tickets for their play Betrayal. Everything happened at the 32nd annual Broadway auction, the proceeds from which will go to the fight against AIDS.

Tom and Zavi for this event chose the appropriate outfits in blue shades. Ashton wore a navy plaid floor-length dress, and Hiddleston decided to wear a blue jumper and jeans.

The actor’s relationship has not been talked about since his romance with Taylor Swift. They say that since then he prefers not to advertise his personal life. A source told one of the publications that Tom is really in love with Zawi and together they are much more than six months, but because of the great secrecy, no one knows about this. According to an insider, Hiddleston thinks she can be the love of his life.