The singer decided to arrange a surprise for the teachers and students of her former Danny Jones Middle School in Texas and came in without warning.

Surprised and delighted teachers asked Selena Gomez to announce their arrival over the speakerphone, so that everyone would know about it.

Hello to all Danny Jones Middle School students!聽Says Selena Gomez!- said the singer.

After that, Selena went into several classes and talked with teenagers, gladly answering their questions, taking pictures and leaving autographs directly in their notebooks.

Gomez also met several of her teachers, who were very happy about her visit:

It was great to see them again, they have been part of my life for so long.

She also said that she always studied very well, but this is not the most important thing – it is more important to be kind to others.聽Selena recommended that children support each other and make friends.